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Specialized Tactical Systems – Custom AR Rifle Manufacturer & AR Accessory Provider

Welcome to Specialized Tactical Systems

NOTICE:  STS's primary focus is to provide the Men & Women in our Military and Police with the finest weapons possible; therefore, all rifle production is currently going towards contracts.  Civilians are still welcome to order lower receivers, Swag and NavLights.  Our priorities are important to us, thank you for understanding.

Who buys Ferraris?

"Two types of people purchase Ferraris, guys who appreciate craftsmanship, quality and want the best, and professional drivers who "out drive" their current vehicle and need a car that keeps up with their skill set.  As Ferrari is to the automotive industry, so is STS to the weapons industry"

Specialized Tactical Systems has become the go to company when it comes to the upmost in AR15/M16 rifles and components.  We do not mass produce weapons, but individually build, test and tune each one.  We understand that our weapons could mean the tactical edge in a firefight and we take that responsibility seriously.

We pride ourselves in the highest craftsmanship possible and being able to tackle any need of all units.