Muzzle Thumper


Mr. Smiley, Turning Frowns Upside Down With A Gentle Thumping

Muzzle device designed to reduce felt recoil as well as muzzle climb by porting expelled gasses up, right, left and back. Allowing for quicker follow up shots and target acquisition. As an additional bonus, the MuzzleThumper is designed to puncture tires and ribcages.

WARNING: This is not a toy, treat this device with adult like characteristics. Some states may consider this device to be a bayonet... Know your state laws.

Threads: 1/2 28     Designed for: 5.56 Weapons

In a significant amount of testing the MuzzleThumper on glass, we found that its really a hit and miss.  One window may break just fine and the next not at all.  When the window does not break, it will ussually start to damage the MuzzleThumper; therefore, we do not recomend you use the MuzzleThumper to break glass and are showing it for demonstration only.

Parts Attributes
Coating Hard Black with Teflon Coating
Overall Length 2.9"
Material Heat Treated 4140 Steel
Weight 2.6 oz.