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made in the USANavLight® is a revolutionary and patented lighting system designed to provide the operator with Just Enough Light™.  NavLight® provides 0-5 lumens of light allowing for map reading, soft ambient light, SSE, chamber checking, breaching prep, etc.  While all weapon mounted lights are fixed, NavLight® introduces a patent pending mounting system that allows the light to rotate 360°, allowing the light to be pointed at a different point than the weapon, helmet or picatinny rail.  NavLight® is made in the USA, is heavy shock resistant, water resistant and Jumpable.  


360° rotation dim/brightens from 0 to 5 lumen slow/med/fast strobe
weighs .42 - .75 oz (depending on model) SOS  MORSE code

Battery & Battery Life Details

White: 2X2016 provides 12-16 Hours of life Red: 1X2032 provides120 Hours of life
Green: 2X2016 provides 12-16 Hours of life Blue: 2X2016 provides 12-16 Hours of life
IR: 1X2032 provides120 Hours of life  


Mounting Options

Pat Pending 360° Rail Mount Magnet/Hook Mount 

When purchasing Rail Mounted NavLight®; keep in mind, the rail will not attach to hook items like the wrist band, you will need that additional "seperate hook/magnet mount" to accomplish this.  You can also purchase the Hook/Magnet Mounted NavLight® and purchase the "seperate rail mount" to have the best of both worlds.

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