Stripped I-215 Lower Receiver



This item is on backorder and does not have an current firm ETA; however, they are shipping in the order they are received.

Billet Lower receivers are how STS got its start, We looked at all the lower receivers out there and did not like the only difference between them being the name; therefore, we designed a new billet lower receiver.  Many high end companies now utilize STS as their OEM lower manufacturer, like Craft International, First Spear and many more.  STS has the capability to put your custom logo on the lower as well as custom serial numbers, and cerakote.

Lower Feature include:

  • T6 51 7075 Aluminum
  • Enhanced Design
  • Type III Hard Anodizing with Teflon Coating
Parts Attributes
Standard Coating Type 3 Hard Anodizing
Material T6 51 7075 Aluminum
Requires Shipment to FFL Yes